Cooperating with World’s Top Hotel Brand: Agreement between Dongjiadu Financial City Project and Ritz-Carlton is Signed

On April 6, 2017, CMIG and Marriott International, Inc. jointly held the signing ceremony for the operating contract of Dongjiadu Financial City Project and The Ritz-Carlton at The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong Hotel. Hereby, Ritz-Carlton, the world’s top luxury hotel brand with reputation across the world will be settled in Dongjiadu Financial City, which will then become the highest hotel in the financial cluster area in the Bund as well as a new luxury landmark in Shanghai in the future. 

Leaderships from both parties attending this event included Mr. Zhang Zhichao the Vice President of CMIG and the Board Chairman of CMIG Jiaye, Mr. Chen Donghui the President of CMIG Jiaye, Mr. Sun Zhiguo the President of Shanghai Bund Investment Group, Mr. Jiang Jun the Assistant to CMIG Jiaye President and the Vice Board Chairman of China Minsheng Bund Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (China Minsheng Bund), Mr. Tu Guobing the General Manager of China Minsheng Bund, Mr. He Guoxiang the CEO of Marriott in Greater China Region, as well as Mr. Lin Cong the Senior Vice President of Marriott’s China business in charge of hotel service development. 

As a flagship program with CMIG’s earnest efforts, Dongjiadu Financial City has always been concerning the public. This project is in the core area of Binjiang on the west bank of the Huangpu River as well as the financial cluster of the Bund in Shanghai, featuring an exceptional geographic advantage. As an urban financial complex with over RMB60 billion investments covering 1.2 million square meters, this project includes many businesses like head offices of enterprises, standard office buildings, new-concept commerce, luxury hotels, and luxury residences. To achieve a project with the world’s first class substantially, during the construction, CMIG keeps choosing international partners with leading competence for each link and field. The overall planning and architectural design for this project are done upon the cooperation with the New York team of KPF, an architectural design company renowned worldwide. Also, works related to commercial properties are carried out with the team of Aedas, with the public space design for office buildings done by Lead 8. With such lofty standards, in the MIPIM Asia last year, the Dongjiadu Financial City project was awarded the honorary title of the Best Chinese Future Mega Project.

When selecting a cooperator for the management of the five-star hotel in the 300-meter-high landmark building that is being planned, those in charge of this project also had a prudent consideration. As a world’s famous top luxury five-star hotel brand, with its extraordinary operation competence in high-floor hotels, Ritz-Carlton became the top priority for this project. Furthermore, Marriott, the backer of Ritz-Carlton is the world’s largest international hotel management group. Based on the recognition of Marriott for the scale, quality and orientation of this project, as well as the positive expectations for CMIG’s strength and cooperation ideas, both parties finally embraced this important moment for Ritz-Carlton’s settlement in Dongjiadu Financial City. 

During the signing ceremony, Mr. Lin, the Senior Vice President of Marriott’s China business said gladly, Ritz-Carlton will bring high-end hardware, the world’s first-class quality, as well as prominent service standards. “Ritz-Carlton hopes to cooperate with Dongjiadu Financial City to offer a top hotel foiling this city, also bring a new model for mutually beneficial cooperation for both parties.”

Mr. Chen, the President of CMIG Jiaye, also said during the ceremony that, in the future, apart from the luxury experience brought by the ultra-high-floor hotel as well as its five-star facilities, Ritz-Carlton will also realize a synergistic interaction among multiple demands for internal office, commerce and hotels within this project. More high-end clients will be attracted to this hotel and they will enjoy high-end experience covering their demands for shopping, relaxation and recreation. This financial city will give a full play to the superiorities of urban complexes, and then bring win-win results for properties, brands and consumers. “As a project reflecting CMIG’s great influence on the times, this project embodies the mission of urban upgrading, which will act as a supporter for Shanghai’s international development. With all elite businesses gathering here, an international financial city competent to represent China’s development is coming.”