Compliance Counsel

Basic information


Corporation:CMIG International

Position Category:Professional


Effective Date to: Unlimited

Job Description

1. Being responsible for the internal control and compliance management of the Company and the projects invested;

2. Proposing professional opinions and suggestions on relevant management of the Company and participating in business-related risk management;

3. Offering risk reminder according to actual problems and situations, strengthening the compliance management of management, operation, and investment, and avoiding and reducing the occurrence of risk;

4. Collecting, summarizing, and studying the policies, laws, and regulations related to business and corporate operation.

Position requirement

1. Master's degree above in relevant majors of law, audit, and compliance;

2. Good command of policies, laws, and regulations on compliance in the fields of bank, trust, securities, and fund, and proficiency in the risk management procedures, tools, and methods of the financial industry;

3. Over 3-year experience in the financial industry or law firm, and preferred experience in legal compliance practice of fund company, securities trader, and investment banking;

4. Gook knowledge in Civil Law, Intellectual Property Law, Economic Law, Financial Law, and other relevant laws, regulations, and provisions;

5. Clear and prudent thinking, good awareness of service, and strong abilities in research analysis, logic judgment, communication, writing, organization and promotion, management and coordination, and teamwork.

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