Senior Financial Manager/Expatriate Financial Head

Basic information


Corporation:China Minsheng Investment

Position Category:Professional


Effective Date to: Unlimited

Job Description

1.Fully participating in and coordinating the establishment and implementation of corporate strategies in line with the overall development strategies and financial strategic plan of the Group;

2.Taking charge of budget management of the Company, actively motivating and earnestly implementing annual financial targets and planning realization approaches, including system establishment, budget planning, budget implementation analysis, rolling prediction, and budget control;

3.Improving financial management ystem, internal control system, and relevant work procedures in accordance with the development stage of the Company, participating in the risk evaluation of operational activities, and conducting risk control and early warning while supporting business development;

4.Participating in the major investment and financing decision-making of the Company and assist in the optimization of capital structure and allocation;

5.Participating in the risk evaluation (due diligence and audit review), framework design, and tax planning of major investment projects;

6.Participating in post-investment management of investment projects, conducting financial analysis and evaluation of projects, and raising suggestions in terms of financial management;

7.Taking charge of capital management, reasonably arranging fund raising, control financing cost, and managing cash flow well;

8.Cooperating with the Group and the Company to conduct capital operation, and realizing the expected appreciation and effective withdrawal of investment projects;

9.Cooperating with the Group to conduct regular disclosure and reporting of financial and project information well;

10.Implementing the requirements and tasks in terms of financial policies, financial system, financial reports, financial analysis, capital management, budget management, and management accounting of the Group in line with the overall arrangement of financial capital of the Group;

11.Coordinating the relationship with investors, banks, industrial and commercial sectors, tax, audit, and other regulatory authorities, and governmental organs, maintaining the interests of the Group and the Company;

12.Completing other tasks assigned by leaders.

Position requirement

1.Bachelor's degree and above of majors related to finance of famous universities, 40-year-old and below, preferred CPA and CFA;

2.Over 8-year experience in the finance or investment management, and preferred experience in multiple industries or large group management;

3.Good command of knowledge in finance and accounting and understanding investment business;

4.Proficiency in both Chinese and English, fluent expression in English, and preferred experience of study and work overseas;

5.Good awareness of service and organizational and coordiantion abilities, awareness of innovation, aggressiveness, and risk, and good communication, planning, and execution abilities;

6.Strong management accounting abilities, systematic management of group business and investment projects, insights in business plans and risks;

7.Excellent leadership, cross-team collaboration, establishment and leading of professional financial team, and appropriate relationship management;

8.Good moral quality and professional ethics of financial staff, and being honest, self-discipline, and practical.


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