Basic information


Corporation:CMIG International

Position Category:Professional


Effective Date to: Unlimited

Job Description

1. Participating the establishment of financing plans and financing management, and ensuring the consistency between the plans and the overall strategy of the Company;

2. Planning and designing the financing schemes of the Company, proposing financing reports, taking charge of specific implementation and operation, shouldering responsibilities for the success and failure of the financing and fund operation performance of the Company;

3. Taking charge of the fund raising, financing plan, evaluation, analysis, tracking, and management of investment projects and completing the financing plan and goals of investment projects;

4. Establishing, developing, and managing the business channels between the Company and domestic and foreign capital markets, expanding the foreign financing business market of the Company, and establishing and maintaining the extensive relationships with financing institutions at home and abroad;

5. Taking charge of the coordination, organization, implementation, standardization, and storage of documents on equity and financing;

6. Focusing on the business development and project progress of other departments and offering relevant support and services;

7. Setting up financial business model, designing profit model, and establishing and managing team.

Position requirement

1. Bachelor's degree above in relevant majors of economics, finance, or accounting;

2. 5. Over 5-year work experience in business management of financing or financial institutions;

3. Good analysis and judgment of financing, rich knowledge in finance, and proficiency in financing procedures and professional business knowledge;

4. Familiarity with comprehensive corporate operation, strong strategy establishment and implementation abilities, and strong leadership skills and ability;

5. Keen market insight, excellent project organization and market expansion abilities, and extensive customer and social resources;

6. Prudent planning and organizational abilities, communication skills, and business negotiation competence;

7. Strong writing skills, good communication, coordination, negotiation, and financing project planning abilities, good professional ethics, and strong teamwork spirit.

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