Audit Manager

Basic information


Corporation:China Minsheng Investment

Position Category:Professional


Effective Date to: Unlimited

Job Description

1. Conducting internal audit and supervision of financial plan, financial budget, and implementation and settlement of credit plan of the Company;

2. Conducting internal audit and supervision of economic activities related to financial income and expenditure, as well as the economic benefits, financial management, internal control implementation progress of the Company; 

3. Conducting internal audit and supervision of internal management and control system of the Company and the implementation progress of national laws and regulations; supervising the establishment and improvement of internal control system of the Company, promoting the improvement of operation and management of the Company to ensure its sustainable, wholesome, and fast development; 

4. Carrying out large quantity purchase, biding and tendering audit, engineering audit, cost accounting and audit of various engineering construction projects of the Company;

5. Conducting economic responsibility audit of the leaders of the Company and auditing the duty performance and target completion status of the resigned leaders during their terms; 

6. Completing the special auditing tasks assigned by Audit Committee and the management, including special matters related to the economic activities of the Company, and special audit and investigation of relevant units, departments, or individuals; 

7. Improving internal audit system, timely identifying potential problems and risks of the Company, raising opinions for improvement, coordinating and communicating with the audit target, and supervising the implementation of auditing conclusions and suggestions;

8. Completing other tasks assigned by the Director of Audit Department.

Position requirement

1. Master's degree above in relevant majors of audit, finance, budget, or architecture;

2. Over 2-year work experience related to civil construction cost, installation cost, or relevant audit, good command of knowledge in cost technology, capital construction, large quantity purchase, biding and tendering, real estate, and construction budget, proficiency in financial audit, internal audit, cost audit procedures, relevant knowledge and ability, and preferred work experience in new energy industry and cost of architecture development companies;

3. Preferred work experience in the fields of audit of cost, property management, and centralized purchasing of big companies; Such companies are better to be Party A, while Party B can be considered;

4. Understanding internal control and risk evaluation, good logic analysis and judgment, and strong problem discovery and solution abilities;

5. Rigorous and meticulous working attitude, appropriate principles, good professional ethics, communication skills, teamwork spirit, and anti-pressure ability;

6. Qualifications of cost engineer and certified internal auditor preferred;

7. Good English.

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