Insurance Business (Non-auto Property Insurance)

Basic information


Corporation:CMIG International

Position Category:Professional


Effective Date to: Unlimited

Job Description

1.Participating in the M&A of insurance projects, and offering professional assessment advices and information on M&A business;

2.Communicating and coordinating with institutions, understanding the development of property insurance business and the Company, analyzing the possible influences of various factors on the market, the industry, and the businesses of the Company, collecting business information, and providing industry-related comparative data;

3.Participate in post-investment management and effectively promoting the businesses of the Company;

4.Taking charge of property insurance actuary or underwriting tasks;

5.Controlling the operation of property insurance business, communicating and coordinating internal and external resources, forming effective property insurance business procedures, avoiding product risks, and providing technical support.


Position requirement

1. Bachelor's degree and above of key universities in relevant majors like finance, actuary, statistics, and insurance; work or study experience in America preferred;

2. Over 6-year work experience in property insurance, experience of working as an underwriter or property insurance agent, proficiency in the status quo of domestic (non-auto) property insurance, and preferred experience in valuation;

3. Good command of laws and regulations, regulatory policies, industry management provisions related to property insurance;

4. Integrity, rigorous and meticulous working attitude, strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills, and teamwork spirit.

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