Senior Manager of Remuneration and Performance of HR Dept.

Basic information


Corporation:China Minsheng Investment

Position Category:Professional


Effective Date to: Unlimited

Job Description

1. Assisting in establishing the policies and systems related to HR management, and setting up the policies and procedures for outsourcing management of HR, and organizing corresponding implementation;

2. Supervising the implementation of the whole procedures for performance management of the employees of the Headquarters, paying key attention to the monitoring of performance target setting and adjustment, and organizing employee performance appraisal;

3. Establishing and improving the remuneration and incentive system of the group, optimizing incentive programs, evaluating incentive results, and monitoring the input and output of remuneration resources of the group;

4. Reviewing the stock ownership incentive of the companies invested as well as the policies and schemes of major incentives.

Position requirement

1. Bachelor's degree and above of relevant majors like HR, finance, and accounting of famous universities, 35-year-old and below;

2. Over 5-year (inclusive) experience in investment institutions, investment banking, fund, and securities HR management, and over 3-year work experience of HR team management and HR consultancy company;

3. Being familiar with national and local labor laws, receiving professional trainings on HR management technology and management ability development, and systematic understanding and rich practice of corporate HR management model;

4. Excellent language skills in both Chinese and English, ability to cooperate and share across teams, awareness of innovation, aggressiveness, and risk, and good communication, planning, and execution abilities;

5. Good awareness of service and organizational coordination ability, planning HR as a whole, and promoting business development;

6. Good professional ethics, sense of responsibility, observation of laws and regulations, honesty, and prudence;

7. Preferred work experience at internationally renowned investment banking or companies, and preferred overseas education background or work experience.

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