Senior Legal Manager

Basic information


Corporation:China Minsheng Investment

Position Category:Professional


Effective Date to: Unlimited

Job Description

1. Providing legal advice and support to the subsidiaries. Participating in the drafting of the contract for investment projects, the design of the transaction structure and the foreign negotiations. Be responsible for the compliance and legal review of the subsidiaries' business activities and external legal documents;

2. Identifying the compliance and legal issues in the business operations of the company. Monitoring the compliance and enforcement of legal affairs. Conducting compliance and legal inspection;

3. Assisting in the building and improving of the company's compliance and legal affairs management system;

4. Establishing a corporate legal format text database. Dealing with corporate legal disputes and protecting the  company's  rights and interests;

5. Keeping coordinating with the regulatory authorities and external legal advisers. Following up the new laws and industry regulations;

6. Managing external legal advisors according to the needs.


Position requirement

1. Graduated from well-known universities at home and abroad with master's degree and above. The major of undergraduate must be law;

2. Over 7-year legal work experience in the domestic first-class law firms, large enterprises, or financial institutions;

3. Chinese lawyer qualification certificate is preferred;

4. Good spirit of team work and communication skills;

5. Strong written and spoken ability for both Chinese and English;

6. Good moral quality and professional ethics of financial staff, and being honest, self-discipline, and practical. 


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