Corporate Strategy

Since its inception, CMIG has invested heavily in the development of alternative energy, in-home care services, prefabricated construction and general aviation while simultaneously promoting ‘green’ environmentally friendly businesses that make a difference in people’s lives. We also endeavor to serve the economy through our insurance, financial leasing, asset management, and inclusive finance businesses and other leading financial services.

Strategic Industry-Finance Integration

Rooted in China but with a global perspective, CMIG leverages its financial strength, brand advantage and ability to mobilize resources to prioritize investments in targeted emerging industries. We then manage them through an integrated strategy in which financial thinking guides business development and business networks drive finance, resulting in business models that can be developed sustainably.

A Two-pronged Development Strategy

In today’s globalized world, China is moving ever closer to center stage. Consequently, the world economy will benefit from greater Chinese involvement in promoting balanced social and economic development. As a representative of Chinese private capital, CMIG envisions not only deepening its roots at home but also developing closer ties with the world through the “Belt and Road” initiative and ultimately building a globalized ecosystem of capital and cultural exchange platforms.

Professional Management

CMIG has relatively diffused ownership but a strong corporate governance structure. Its board of directors currently has 10 members and six functional committees:

• Global Committee,

• The Strategy Management Committee,

• Investment Management Committee,

• Human Resource Committee,

• Audit and Related-Party Transaction Committee,

• Advisory and Branding Committee.