The world is flat.

Today, China's economy is closely tied to the global economy. China,as the second largest economic power in the world, is developing in an increasingly diversified manner. From the manufacturing to service industry, and from product-driven development to capital-driven growth, China is injecting vitality to global economic development.Unprecedentedly, the Chinese economy is synchronizing with the global economy. Chinese companies, dropping their past development mode, are gradually becoming a superpower in the global market that cannot be overlooked.

As a representative of Chinese private capital, China Minsheng Investment Corp., Ltd. (CMIG) has, since its foundation, set its globalization strategy. We have gathered together global experts and wisdom, so as to bring their financial insights and industrial strength into full play from a global perspective, and establish a globalized industry-finance integrated platform.

By fully utilizing developed countries' technological, brand and resource advantages and the tremendous opportunity brought about by the "going global and introducing in" initiative resulted from the development potential of countries along the "Belt and Road" routes,we will guide Chinese private capital to go global in groups, so as to make global arrangements and promote industrial upgrade and economic transition. We are fully aware that we won’t be alone during the course of completing this great mission. Fortunately, we can join forces with a group of global experts with international vision and rich experience, so as to look for future developmental direction, gathe together global resources and help CMIG realize leapfrog development. In January 2015, the Global Advisory Council of CMIG was formally established. Since then, nearly 20 skillful experts in politics, investments, academics and other fields have joined our consulting committee. More talent will join this team in the future.


The Global Advisory Council is a non-standing enquiry and consultative institution answering to the Board of Directors of CMIG.The Council is composed of at most 20 prestigious experts both from China and abroad.

The Global Advisory Council mainly offers strategic consultation advice in conferences. The advice is focused on the international macro situation, overall development strategy, overseas investment strategy & policies, corporate governance and other key issues during the course of CMIG's development. They are offered in an open and free manner.The Council also provides suggestions for CMIG's business development both at home and abroad, so as to enhance its international influence, surpass other companies, and achieve leapfrog development by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Message from the Chairman

Progressing with Industry Giants and Making Leapfrog Development

CMIG stands ready to follow the national "Going Global" and "Belt and Road" strategies,and play its due part in China's industrial upgrading and transition to spearhead the "globalization" drive of private capital. For that matter, we call for experts with an international view and a background to guide development, gather capital and raise our global profile.

CMIG’s GAC members are elites of the world with profound connections and experience both at home and abroad. Some of you are business leaders guiding multinational organizations. It makes sense to say that we have a splendid council.

First, I hope the Council could accurately analyze the macro political and economic dynamics around the world and provide correct strategic guidance and decision-making support for CMIG's development, so we can avoid detours.

Second, I hope the Council could correctly understand the global industrial developments and enable CMIG to make investments in the most valuable industries and regions at the right time, thus realizing better performance and rapid growth.

Third, I hope the Council can provide great connections and social resources to CMIG so that we can build on the giants, achieve leapfrog development, improve international influence, and ensure sustainability.

CMIG is not just an investment company. It is backed by 60 famous private companies and is also the epitome and representative of China's private economy. Supporting CMIG is equivalent to supporting China's private economy. Therefore, supporting the Chinese economy means supporting China. I hope the GAC could bring out its best as a great think tank and become the sail and engine as CMIG forges ahead.