Vision and Mission


to lead private capital investment and drive economic transformation and upgrading.


to find synergies for capital, improve economic vitality and follow the national strategy.

A methodical strategy, efficient team, and enabling environment are all crucial for the successful development of a newly-established company amid challenges and opportunities. At CMIG, we are committed to building a corporate culture defined by high aspirations, taking a forward-thinking approach as well as a down-to-earth attitude and indomitable spirit. We encourage all of our associates to honor our client commitments and integrate capital concentration with social value accumulation as well as closely integrating corporate and national prosperity. Going forward, CMIG will keep up with the trend of comprehensively deepening reform, firmly rely on all shareholders, pool the wisdom of our professionals and aim to realize sustainable corporate development and value creation with the guidance of the ACFIC and support from all segments of society. In this way, we can build a world leading international investment group and make the dream of serving the country through private enterprise investment a reality!