Corporate Social Responsibility

As a global company, we undertake social responsibilities rather than merely focusing on our own development. Specifically, CMIG contribute to local communities by supporting charity, education, environmental protection and health, among other endeavors. We aim to become part of local communities and help them achieve prosperity and sustainability. CMIG has contributed to the reconstruction of the schoolhouse of the non-profit school Dandelion Middle School to improve the educational conditions of children of farmer-turned workers. Additionally, we also invested for the education-supported poverty alleviation in Guangxi, and actively facilitate aiding the poor in the communities.

CMIG established the Institute for Global Industry 4.5 with Tsinghua University which, on the basis of Industry 4.0, integrates financial capital service, guidance for technological innovation, promotion of industrial policies, localized support for globalization and globalized promotion of localization, phases in an ecological system, and promote the transition and upgrading of enterprises, industries, and the overall economy; builds a high-level scientific innovation think tank, facilitates transition via innovation and promotes development through upgrading.

CMIG has built the world’s largest single-unit photovoltaic power station in Yanchi of Ningxia, and swiftly launched supporting projects for poverty alleviation at the outset of power station construction. A total of RMB2.36 billion capital has been invested for well-targeted poverty alleviation. The model of “photovoltaic + investment + intelligence + mechanism poverty alleviation” is conducive to realizing sustainable poverty alleviation and creating long-term income resource for farmers. The well-targeted “photovoltaic +” poverty alleviation model that we have explored helps hundreds of thousands local people in Yanchi out of poverty ahead of the schedule set for the whole nation, which has been highly recognized by all circles of the society.

We actively developed the building industrialization technology, vigorously foster and guide the healthy development of the building industrialization industry. CMIG actively promoted the transformation of migrant workers to industrial workers, to provide them with security as urban citizens.

Looking into the future, we will continuously improve our management by working closely with all stakeholders to support public good projects and charity and promote harmonious social development.