Corporate Social Responsibility

At the same time as focusing on our own development, we are also committed to undertaking our social responsibility and creating a better life for the people.

In terms of our investment portfolio, we fully consider the investment concept of ESG, i.e. the ‘Environmental, Social and Governance’ green sustainable development concept, and provide access for our employees to participate in public welfare undertakings through industry-specific targeted poverty alleviation and the ‘Empathy Formulation’ initiative.

Environmental Protection

Our new energy industrial unit has made its contribution to the construction of the social and ecological environment of ‘Beautiful China’. By October 2017, CMIG New Energy, a subordinate of CMIG, had established a total of 27 power stations with accumulative generated energy exceeding 1.5 billion kWh, equal to saving 620,000 tons of standard coal, reducing dust emissions by 400,000 tons and cutting the release of carbon dioxide by 1.49 million tons, equivalent to the carbon dioxide absorption of 81.29 million trees in a year.

We vigorously develop prefabricated construction, which is capable of saving 90% of construction waste, 80% of construction water, 70% of revolving materials, 50% of project site labor and 40% of the construction period compared with conventional construction means.


In 2017, we entered into strategic cooperation agreements with the Shanghai Charity Foundation and China Ageing Development Foundation to respectively establish the Aged Care Project Fund and CMIG Home-based Aged Care Charity Fund, serving as drivers of the development of aged care undertakings.

CMIG donated to help reconstruct the premises of Dandelion Middle School, a welfare school, for the purpose of improving the educational context for the children of migrant workers and supporting the educational poverty alleviation in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China and Kingdom of Cambodia.

Targeted Poverty Alleviation

Our characteristic industry promotes targeted poverty alleviation in 15 national impoverished counties of nine provinces and regions, starting with the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. By October 2017, total funds of nearly RMB 3 billion had been invested in the implementation of PV targeted poverty alleviation following the mode of ‘PV + investment + intelligence + mechanism-based poverty alleviation’ so as to solve problems in sustainable poverty alleviation and create long-term income for the people. We have formulated the mode of ‘PV +’ targeted poverty alleviation, which has promoted tens of thousands of people in Yanchi County to overcome poverty ahead of schedule, receiving widespread praise from all walks of life.

‘Empathy Formula’ Initiative

CMIG fulfills its commitment to society by motivating every employee to make their own contributions to the needy with their specialties and skills through a series of public welfare actions centered on ‘industrial specialty and employee capabilities’.

Looking into the future, CMIG will continue its broad cooperation with different sectors, continue perfecting our own management and support livelihood projects and welfare undertakings, thereby promoting harmonious social development.