Providing Advanced Construction Technology Bringing More Green Architecture

As the new-type urbanization has been gradually promoted and the “One Belt,One Road” strategy has been implemented in China, the traditional building industry is confronted with transformation and upgrading. According to governmental policies, building industrialization has been widely promoted around China, and a market with the value of trillion yuan has appeared. Among the emerging enterprises, CMIG Drawin, affiliated to China Minsheng Investment Group (CMIG) is rapidly developing on the strength of its technological advantages of the whole industry chain and of its national influence based on large capital. That has raised widespread concern in the industry and all local governments.

Creating the Technological System

The Chinese “13th Five-Year Plan” points it out clearly that the building industry should promote green building and green construction technology, endeavor to optimize the structure and service models by adopting advanced construction, materials and IT technologies, increase the elimination of backward production capacity, and compress and divert excessive production capacity.

It’s pointed out clearly in Opinions of the State Council under the Central Committee of the PRC on Further Strengthening Urban Planning and Construction Management that “the proportion of prefabricated buildings (i.e. industrialized building) in new buildings will reach 30 percent within about ten years.” In 2015, the total output value of China’s building industry amounted to RMB18 trillion, of which about RMB10 trillion of housing construction could basically be replaced by industrialized methods. Thus, this will be a huge blue ocean market.

However, challenges confronted by the whole industry are hiding behind huge opportunities. There are common problems plaguing the development of industrialized enterprises, including the lack of standardization system for the industry, no core technology owned by enterprises, and high costs. As a listed company in Hong Kong that is the first Chinese company to specialize in the modernization of the building industry, and on the basis of powerful capitals provided by its parent company CMIG, CMIG Drawin has directly confronted with key problems that plague the industrial development of enterprises by creating the technological system of the whole industry chain and rapidly building up its national influence. That makes CMIG Drawin outstanding among other enterprises in the industry.

EMPC Mode: Be the First Mover in the Whole Industry Chain

Building industrialization contains a whole industry chain, including research, design, production, logistics and on-site general assembly, and informatization.

At present, the technological development of China’s building industrialization remains at a relatively low level. It can be mainly manifested by following facts of no established scientific research system, and a fault existing among connections of design, production and construction, so the development mode of a whole industry chain is not yet formed. Wen Linfeng, vice director of Science & Technology and Industrialized Development Center of the Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the PRC, clearly expressed at an media interview that, building industrialization is a conception concerning a whole industry chain, a total life circle and an overall system.

With regard to the above-mentioned problems, The CMIG Drawin firstly put forward the adoption of EMPC mode in China. This mode opens up the whole industry chain of building industrialization in the form of engineering procurement construction, provides general solutions of various types of buildings and improves common shortcomings of the traditional building industry through more standardized scientific management and high technology. The mode has been successfully applied to some projects.

Five Major Technical Systems: Striving for the Cutting-edge Industrial Technologies

There must be strong technological support behind a successful mode. Since its establishment, CMIG Drawin has set itself as a “high-tech manufacturer”. According to national industry standards and specifications, and with reference to building industrialization technology of developed countries, CMIG Drawin has formed 5 major technical systems of building industrialization through independent R&D. Such technical systems own the complete intellectual property rights and take the lead in the building industry, including technical system of building design, technical system of new materials, technical system of equipment manufacturing, technical system of construction information and technical system of site assembly. At the same time, as for the five major systems, CMIG Drawin has established five major research institutes, like building science institute, equipment manufacturing institute, construction engineering institute, material technology institute, and information technology institute.

As conducting independent R&D, CMIG Drawin has actively made strategic cooperation with leading scientific research institutes in China and abroad, and developed strategic partnership with global famous technology enterprises, such as Singapore Yee Prefabrication Design Group, Germany-based RIB Group, Nemetschek Engineering GmbH. Moreover, it has established strategic partnership with China’s prestigious universities, such as Tianjin University, Tongji University and Central South University. In a word, China Minsheng Drawin is aiming at the world-leading level for its development.

By the end of May 1, 2016, CMIG Darwin has submitted 614 patent applications to the Patent Office of State Intellectual Property Bureau of the PRC, ranking first among enterprises in the industry nationwide. By opening up the whole industry chain system with the whole chain of technology, China’s domestic enterprises would gradually reduce their high costs, which mainly caused by the dependency of key overseas technologies.