CMIG and Tsinghua University Jointly Initiated an Institute for Global Industry 4.5

"Industry 4.0" represents the digitalization of industrial production and the intelligent transition of manufacturing industry. Built on this, the "Industry 4.5" concept involves financial capital service, technical innovation guidance, industrial policy promotion, localized support of globalization and globalized promotion of localization. Together, these core dimensions constitute an ecological system and drive the transition and upgrading of enterprises, industries and the entire economy.

The Institute for Global Industry 4.5 is committed to becoming a high-level scientific innovation think-tank. It will closely center on the strategy of building an innovation-driven country and facilitating development via innovation, thoroughly combine scientific research strength, financial capital and industrial resources and build a state-level cross-platform innovation think-tank that is highly close to real industrial demands, effectively commercializes scientific achievements and rapidly advances industrial development.

The strategic cooperation with Tsinghua University to establish the Institute for Global Industry 4.5 is intended to step up efforts in implementing the strategy of driving development via innovation. The Institute will especially emphasize the empowerment of globalization and develop an all-round and open platform, with Tsinghua University and CMIG as the initiators. The ecological system under the Industry 4.5 concept will be the only road to promote a host of private companies to be ranked among World 500.

Tsinghua University President Chen Jining indicated that it is an important task to combine the scientific achievements, talent and network, among other precious resources of Tsinghua University with industries involving in the transition of the Chinese economy. The establishment of the Institute represents a new attempt to enhance industry-university-research cooperation amid globalization.

The Institute is on track to integrate the knowledge innovation network of Tsinghua University around the world with the demands of private enterprises for innovation, transition and upgrading in the global value chain, help private enterprises be mainstreamed into the global innovation network and make arrangement in the global factor market through factor matching and the development of ecological system, drive transition via innovation and promote development through upgrading, thereby contributing to the transition of the Chinese economy and the construction of an innovative-driven country.