Culture and People

Core Values of CMIG - Five Concepts,Four Senses and Three Loves

Five Concepts: Dream, Faith, Big Picture, Rules and Devotion

Dream:One should strive for his dream and career. Never get obsessed with money and power.

Faith:With strong faith in the Company’s development and future, one should fully release and develop his power to become a great man and help the Company to become a great enterprise.

Big Picture:One sees, thinks and does things from the big picture, trying whatever he can do to protect the benefits of all and work from the standpoint of the Company as a whole.

Rules:One should respect and abide by principles and Company’s policies, strictly following rules. Do not break or violate Company’s policies.

Devotion:One should devote himself to the Company, keeping in mind the Company’s benefits all the time while fully committed to doing his job.

Four Senses: Sense of Responsibility, Sense of Teamwork, Sense of Efficiency, Sense of Passion

Sense of Responsibility:One should be responsible and accountable, restraining himself with sense of responsibility, answering to his responsibility trustworthily and keeping in mind all the time his responsibilities and missions.

Sense of Teamwork: One should work with others, seeking the shared goals while keeping the differences. Work and think as a team to maximize values for the Company.

Sense of Efficiency: One should adjust his approaches to achieve higher efficiency, increasing outputs and creating profits with lowest cost possible.

Sense of Passion:One should work with great passion, developing his own potential to the fullest, inspiring others and devoting himself to the development of CMIG with all his heart.

Three Loves: Love the Country, Love the Company, Love the Family

Love the Country: One should engrave his mind with the Company’s missions and tasks, always keeping in mind that it is the Company’s mission to lead private-owned capital in upgrade and transformation as well as in global development.

Love the Company: One should keep in mind his own role, protecting the Company’s benefits no matter where he is. One should restrain and develop himself with the highest standards, striving for better tomorrows of CMIG.

Love the Family: Never forget that family is the strongest backup one can get. One works hard to bring happiness to his family. Only when the family is happy can one succeed in his career and can the country become more powerful. So we must love our families, care about them. A happy family is the beginning of a successful life. Cultivating oneself, building a happy family and working for the country is an important part of traditional Chinese culture.