Efficiency Comes First ,Promote Acquisition Progress Quickly and Decisively

——CHEN Chao, the Chief Risk Officer of China Minsheng Jiaye Investment

In the fourth quarter of 2015, a piece of news stirred up the financial and real estate fields in China: China Minsheng Jiaye Investment (CMJYI) under CMIG acquired 14.9 billion shares of SRE Group Ltd., taking up 72.45% of the total shares after share right transfer and becoming the biggest shareholder of SRE. It only took CMJYI 110 days to acquire such a gigantic target. The working efficiency astonished observers in the field.

“It usually takes much longer to complete an acquisition case huge as this.” The mastermind behind the case CHEN Chao, the Chief Risk Officer of CMJYI said so. He believed that the big success in such a short period came not only from the favorable factors, natural and manmade, but also from the credo of the team, Efficiency First, and the courage to walk through tough times. “The process was actually not as smooth as one may think. But our relentless trying and running ahead of schedule dwarfed all difficulties.”

To Chao, through the experience of working as an executor in such a big acquisition project for CMIG, he has gained much more than just working experience on top of his previous ones. Chao had worked for over a decade at a Big Four as an outsourced service provider to help clients complete acquisition plans, more focusing on risk reminders and suggestions. At CMIG, he has shifted his role from an adviser to an executor. What he has to think about is not just about how to give professional advices.

“On one hand, our job is to give professional opinions without considering how these opinions could be realized and what impacts they may have on the big picture in implementation, while on the other hand, we only have one benchmark when executing a project: is the project going to succeed or fail?” Chao said. “We must understand the investment concepts from senior management, set the bottom line for negotiations with Party B, coordinate among parties revolving around the common interests and work hard to reach agreements. Meanwhile, all teams should also refer to thoughts of agencies and organizations outside the company and thoroughly analyze every single detail in the investment project. My job gives me stronger senses of responsibility, mission and achievement than the old one. ”

“Sense of Responsibility, Sense of Teamwork” is the corporate culture advocated by CMJYI where Chao works and CMIG. “The company culture of CMIG is result-oriented. You may find it in our leaders and teams. At the time of harvest, we just enjoy the moment, without saying too much about how difficult the process was.”

Luckily, in the most critical and intense moments during the project, CMJYI offered a “home” for the employees. “We like to say that the Chinese character Jia in our name Jiaye has two meanings, reward and family. Jiaye is a young and promising team, and the company encourages everyone to directly speak his or her mind for the general goods. We work for a shared goal. The company also hosts a wide range of events for employees to get motivated, cultivated and warmed with the homey feelings there. That’s why we have formed such powerful cohesion and united morale.”