Statistical Officer

Basic information


Corporation:CMIG International

Position Category:Professional


Effective Date to: Unlimited

Job Description

1. Being responsible for the extraction, collection, and summarization of internal data and support data needs of relevant businesses;

2. Using a variety of application software for data analysis and comprehensive data processing, and conduct deep data analysis and reports (daily, weekly, and monthly reports);

3. Analyzing data characteristics, providing strategic advices for business, timely reporting information to relevant departments, and making relevant records;

4. Adopting big data technology, as well as modeling and data mining methods to analyze the data of the Company and offering data support to the businesses of the Company;

5. Assisting in the completion of planning of data analysis, designing data sources, and putting forward data optimization needs.

Position requirement

1. Bachelor's degree above obtained through college and university unified recruitment system, major of statistics or mathematics, and comprehensive background preferred;

2. Over 2-year relevant work experience, proficiency in statistical software like Excel, SPSS, and SAS;

3. Strong writing skills, good logic analysis and independent thinking abilities, and sensitivity of data and business;

4. Active, conscientious, and rigorous working attitude, good communication skills, teamwork spirit, strong sense of responsibility, and self-motivation;

5. Experience in mathematical modeling, programming, statistical software, database, and data mining preferred.

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