Post-investment Management

Basic information


Corporation:CMIG International

Position Category:Professional


Effective Date to: Unlimited

Job Description

1. Comprehensive management and implementation of investment projects, including: proposal of post-investment management scheme, supervision and implementation of terms of investment agreements, project tracking, analysis, and evaluation, regular project operation reports and fund withdrawal arrangement, potential risk analysis, opinions on remediation, and so on;

2. Participating in the routine operation of investment projects, including the supervision of the certificates, project funds, project progress, cost, market and sales progress, important bidding matters of projects of the companies invested, as well as important project contract review and double-check;

3. Participating in withdrawal scheme and implementation of investment project, evaluation of project investment benefits, and preparing for corporate listing tasks including consultation and suggestion of listing and communication with securities trader;

4. Participating in initial investment decision-making of projects, proposing professional opinions and suggestions on post-investment management of project investment scheme;

5. Participating in investor relationship management. Enhancing the standardization and transparency of information disclosure of the enterprises invested;

6. Submitting the statistics of investment projects.

Position requirement

1. Bachelor's degree and above of relevant majors like finance, economics, accounting, and law of famous universities;

2. Over 3-year work experience, over 2-year equity investment or project management experience at professional investment institutions or accounting firms, proficiency in the whole procedures of project investment management, and independently completing post-investment management tasks;

3. Good command of relevant national policies and regulations on investment and financing, familiarity with capital operation model of listing and M&A, strong financial analysis and risk evaluation abilities, preferred qualifications of fund and securities sectors, and certified public accountant;

4. Good professional ethics, aggressiveness and passion of work, strong anti-pressure ability, and independent analysis and solution of problems.

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