Senior Risk Control Manager—Operational Risk

Basic information


Corporation:China Minsheng Investment

Position Category:Professional


Effective Date to: Unlimited

Job Description

1. Establishing the organizational framework for group operational risk management (including: operational risk, reputational risk, and so on) and setting up the policies and procedures for operational risk management;

2. Organizing the development and maintenance of operational risk information system;

3. Studying and developing the methods for the identification, evaluation, and monitoring of operational risk;

4. Designing and confirming operational risk indicators, proposing suggestions on operational risk control, monitoring operational risk, and offering regular reports;

5. Guiding the subsidiaries of the group to set up their own management framework according to the requirements of the group in terms of operational risk management;

6. Monitoring and regularly checking the progress of operational risk management of the subsidiaries;

7. Evaluating the performance of the operational risk management of the subsidiaries.

Position requirement

1. Bachelor's degree and above of relevant majors like finance, investment, economics, and accounting of famous universities at home and abroad;

2. Over 10-year work experience, including over 5-year experience of operational risk management in financial institutions, investment institutions, and risk management and consultancy institutions; preferred risk management experience in investment group companies;

3. Proficiency in both Chinese and English, fluent expression in English, and good skills of English listening, speaking, reading, and writing;

4. Strong strategic thinking and leadership, systematic problem analysis and judgment, and appropriate relationship management;

5. Good professional ethics and teamwork spirit, integrity, honesty, and good conduct.

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