Portfolio Management Manager/Senior Manager

Basic information


Corporation:China Minsheng Investment

Position Category:Professional


Effective Date to: Unlimited

Job Description

1. Establishing the portfolio management regulation and portfolio evaluation system of the Group, drawing up the demand of the online portfolio management system and assisting in the implementation of system development;

2. Consolidating different project information from each teams and third parties, monitoring the project status, keeping good relationship with the project teams, risk compliance department, finance department, treasury department and other external agencies;

3. Recognizing the potential risk signal of each projects and providing professional advice; tracking the status of each projects and timely reporting to Group Investment Committee and CIO;  

4. Summarizing the information of the project team and the portfolio management department, preparing the asset evaluation report of the whole group and making a good disclosure of the investment information;

5. Cooperating with the project teams and subsidiaries to promote the implementation of the acquisition and asset preservation measures to those highly risky projects;

6. Monitoring the industry's overall risk level and preparing the research report on key industries.


Position requirement

1. Bachelor's degree and above of majors related to finance, real estate, economics, finance related majors of famous universities, 40-year-old and below;

2. Over 7-year experience in VC/PE, Big 4 accounting firms, consulting companies and other related experience, rich experience in financial analysis and business management;

3. 3-year and above overall company operation experience, familiar with the primary market and secondary market products, deep understanding of the company's operational management index;

4. Rich experience with the national industrial policy and the development trend of various industries, familiar with the relevant regulations of the regulatory authorities;

5. Excellent bilingual skills, able to speak English fluently and good communication skills;

6. Good moral quality and professional ethics of financial staff, and being honest, self-discipline, and practical;

7. Preferred portfolio management experience in PE fund and other investment groups;

8. Preferred professional qualifications in following fields CPA, ACCA, CFA or legal.


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