Overview of the Second Meeting

CMIG’s second GAC meeting and seminar were held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Conrad Hotel in Singapore on the 29th and 30th of October 2015, respectively.

The meeting was featured by the participation of more than 100 attendees, including GAC experts from around the world, major leaders at the CMIG’s board and management level, representatives of shareholder companies, Singaporean guests, and CMIG employees.


29th October,2015

In Tune with the Times, In Touch with the World
Topic 1: “Going Out and Bringing In” – How Chinese Private Enterprises Integrate with the World Market in the Coming Decade
  1. Development trends of the global and Chinese economies;
  2. Advantages and challenges of private enterprises in going global;
  3. Efficient ways for private enterprises to enter into the global market;
  4. Discussion on the future global economic landscape
Topic 2: Macroeconomic Trends and Investment Opportunities
  1. European economic outlook: Has the European economy hit bottom? If so, where can we find the best value investments?
  2. Chinese economic outlook: Impact of the current situation regarding the Chinese and world economies. Challenges and opportunities brought to CMIG’s investment portfolio and responsive measures to be taken;
  3. Investment direction analysis: Under the present circumstances, which locations and sectors are the most appropriate for Chinese investment?
Topic 3: Trend Analysis on Chinese Acquisition of Overseas Fixed Assets
  1. A closer look at the currently-heated Chinese investment in the overseas property market versus the Japanese large-scale acquisition of U.S. properties in the 1970s. Comparison of macro-environment,entry model and development prospects;
  2. Under the current circumstances, which countries and which types of fixed assets should Chinese enterprises invest?

30th October,2015

“Belt and Road, Contributions to Regional Win-Win Situation”
Topic 1: Process and prospect of economic integration of ASEAN;
Topic 2: How to bridge communications and collaborations with ASEAN countries in an efficient and effective manner, as the potential cooperation with ASEAN are growing rapidly?
Topic 3: How to support the economic development demands of ASEAN to achieve win-win situation?