Overview of the Third Meeting

13th October

GAC Main Forum  Suggestions from GAC members on CMIG's investment in major geographical areas from a global and Asian perspective

Parallel Forum A  Find European Assets of Good Value, Optimize Asset Allocation in China -- Establishment of a CMIG Asset Management Group in Europe

Parallel Forum B  Utilize New Technology and New Trend, Build Asia's New Insurance Landscape -- Establishing an Insurance Centre in Asia

Parallel Forum C  Lead the Supply-side Reform of China’s Construction Industry, Establish the New Model of Prefabricated Buildings-- Accelerating the Modernization of China’s Construction Industry

Parallel Forum D  Pull Together International Leasing Resources,Stimulate Momentum for Industrial Upgrade -- Building an Internationalized Leasing Platform in Hong Kong

Parallel Forum E  Connect with Smart Grid, Promote Clean Energy

14th October

Round Table Forum of the Joint Meeting of AIIA

The Great Game: Export of Asian Capital and Global Industrial Transfer


Executive Vice Chairman of CMIG Board of Directors, Kevin E. Lee : To Create a Global Institutional Investor Platform with Regional Characteristics

CMIG’s Discussion of Global Opportunities and Challenges President Li Huaizhen : CMIG Mode Is A Great Invention

Vice President of CMIG, Kong Linshan : Future Strategic Development of CMIG Focuses on “Three Financial Groups+ Three Industrial Brands”

Former Prime Minister of France, Dominique de Villepin : China’s Globalization Ushers in a New Era

Romano Prodi : China Should Pay Attention to the Difference of Investment in the European Market

Shaukat Aziz : Investment in the European Market with Prudence and Strategy

Stephen Orlins : CMIG Needs Global Vision in Overseas Investment

Marek Belka : Investment in the European Market in the Financial System Dominated by Banks

Angus Deaton : Look for Opportunities of Value Investing and Bargain-hunting in Europe