The First Agreement on Comprehensive Cooperation Officially Signed between CMI and the Great Wall Assets

  Under the active promotion of the joint working group of China Great Wall Assets Management Co., Ltd and China Minsheng Investment Group, the Reorganization Agreement was officially signed on March 28th, symbolizing the renewed loan business applied by China Minsheng International Leasing to China Great Wall Guoxing Leasing was approved. The amount was 240 million yuan, the financing period was extended to December 10, 2020. Based on the original agreed interest rate, and the pricinpal should be one-off repaid once it was due. The commencement of this renewal business marked the officially delivered outcome between the two parties.

  The working group would continue to carry out the promotion of 11 key projects with the Great Wall Assets in accordance with the Group's deployment, and strive to provide more liquidity support to CMIG as soon as possible.