CMIG Futurelife’s Subsidiary Serves Beijing Daxing International Airport

  On May 13, an A380 of China Southern Airlines landed successfully on the runway of the Beijing Daxing International Airport, marking the completion of this new airport’s first aircraft flight test.

  The successful flight test also initiated the airport’s shift of the focus of work from infrastructure construction to preparation for operation.

  Before such a flight test, Shenzhen Longcheng Property Management Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Longcheng Property Management Limited”) has won the bid to provide property management and logistics services for the Corporate Services Building located in the airport’s cargo zone.

  Longcheng Property Management Limited is a subsidiary of CMIG Futurelife, specializing in property management services for entities and supportive facilities.

  Beijing Daxing International Airport

  Beijing Daxing International Airport is to be put into operation before September 30 of this year, set to be the world’s largest with an annual passenger traffic of 45 million while boosting Beijing’s passenger capacity by 50%.

  It’s rated as the top of the seven wonders of the modern world by the Guardian.

  Longcheng Property Management Limited will provide the Corporate Services Building with a floor area of over 50,000 m2 located in the cargo zone of Beijing Daxing International Airport with property management and logistics support, including cleaning, public order management, landscaping, operation and maintenance of public facilities as well as fire safety services.

  Longcheng would not have won the bid without its business capabilities. It has earned good reputation within the industry with its sophisticated management concepts and up-to-date means of management. And the company ranked 16th place in the “Top 100 Property Management Enterprises in Comprehensive Strength Evaluation of 2018” announced by the China Property Management Institute.

  In addition, this bid winning lays a solid foundation for Longcheng’s expansion into North China.

  Business Operated in 155 Cities Around China

  CMIG Futurelife owned by CMIG serves as an important platform and a leading property management group for upgraded community consumption.

  Despite its short-term founding, the group has owned and invested in about 20 property management enterprises that serve residences, commercial office buildings, public facilities, universities and colleges as well as industrial parks in major cities around China, making it China’s largest integrated property management investor.

  In addition to Beijing Daxing International Airport, reference properties that CMIG Futurelife manages include Hongqiao Comprehensive Transportation Hub, World Expo Park and Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.

  At present:

  CMIG Futurelife serves properties and communities in 155 cities around China;

  The number of projects it served exceeds 4,500;

  It provides over 30 million residents in communities with reliable and quality daily life services.

  Besides Longcheng, there are other nine property management enterprises that ranked within the “Top 100 Property Management Enterprises in Comprehensive Strength Evaluation of 2018”.

  In the following three years, CMIG Futurelife will offer more clients reliable and quality daily life services with the principle of “People’s Livelihood First” and help realize better life for people around China.