CMIG Drawin: Promote Rapid Growth of Whole Industry Chain Business with Technological Advantages

  With over four years of development, CMIG Drawin has established five world-leading technical systems of the industry and owned multiple core technologies in smart building BIM, IOT, big data and artificial intelligence. The number of patent applications has ranked top in the industry all over China (more than 1,600). Based on existing technical advantages, CMIG Drawin has achieved rapid development in the whole industry chain including architectural design, factory manufacturing and construction engineering.

  Promote High-quality Growth of Real Estate Enterprises

  With increasing industrial concentration, high-quality growth has become the key for long-term development of real estate enterprises. In the past years, the prefabricated buildings advocated by the government have attracted the attention of many real estate enterprises. Accelerating the turnover model by industrial means and thereby improving project quality and customer satisfaction will help real estate enterprises to take the lead in future market competitions.

  In this background, CMIG Drawin with leading technology have been focused by many well-known real estate enterprises. On December 21, 2018, CMIG Drawin and Shimao Group signed the "Strategic Cooperation Agreement" in Changsha. The two sides will establish a long-term strategic partnership and build the prefabricated EMPC demonstration project for promotion within Shimao Group based on the previous cooperation projects.

  According to Xu Younong, the consultant of Shimao Group, the Group will implement standardized construction management. He hoped that the prefabricated EMPC model could integrate with the requirements of Shimao Group on standard construction management and fully play the advantages of the whole industry chain.

Signing Ceremony of CMIG Drawin and Shimao Group

  Up to now, CMIG Drawin has conducted business cooperation with over 20 well-known local brands such as Yango Group, Greenland, Seazen and BRC Group. About 38 EMPC projects are under construction all over China with total construction area of more than 5,000,000m2. It’s enterprise with the largest construction area in the prefabricated construction industry.

  Responding to Development of Public Construction Market

  Having seized the opportunity of state policies, CMIG Drawin actively responds to the demand for prefabricated buildings in local public construction market.

  In December 2018, the management committee of Changsha Malanshan Video Cultural Creative Industrial Park, which is responsible for the development of “China V Valley”, declared on the official website that “within only 7 months, the 28,000m2 Creative Intelligence Park (Phase I) has been built in the Park.” It’s the project undertaken by CMIG Drawin with the EMPC model.

  Since bid-winning of the project, this model has enabled the project with prompt plan drafting, prompt drawing design, prompt land leveling and prompt onsite construction. Compared with the traditional method, the construction period has been shortened by 40%. It has not only attracted attention of the provincial party committee leaders as well as the media, but also created conditions for the enterprises in the park to sign contracts promptly.

  As of December 2018, the Malanshan Video Cultural Creative Industrial Park has attracted more than 220 leading enterprises, unicorn enterprises and platform enterprises as well as 135 registered enterprises. The lands for a few key projects such as Momo and iDreamSky will soon be listed. All investment areas in the Creative Intelligence Park (Phase I) have been reserved.

Signing Ceremony of Malanshan Special Promotion

  In addition, the green and energy conservation features of prefabricated buildings have also enabled the public construction projects by CMIG Drawin with more social recognitions. In January 2019, the Seminar on Establishment of Four Demonstrations in Construction Industry in Zhejiang Province (industrialization demonstration cities, demonstration enterprises, demonstration bases and demonstration projects) was held in Hangzhou. The Guanqian village resettlement project with EMPC model by CMIG Drawin was awarded the “First Batch of Construction Industrialization Demonstration Projects in Zhejiang Province” and the project leader was invited to share the engineering experience on the awarding ceremony.

  The project has also won a lot of honors such as “The Most Beautiful Construction Site” in Fuyang District and the New Construction Industrialization Project in Hangzhou, which has won social attention and government recognition for the project development unit.

  270% Annual Increase of Factory Manufacturing Business

  Increase of Technology and Management Output Business

  With more and more mature technology, the factory manufacturing business of CMIG Drawin has also been rapidly improved.

  It conducts layout in green building technology parks all over the country. With the upgrading of manufacturing process and smart equipment as well as continuous optimization of product quality, production and costs efficiency, it has promoted strong market competitiveness and profitability.

CMIG Drawin Factory in Nanjing

  In 2018, according to the information of listed companies, the CMIG Drawin Group with factory manufacturing business has achieved 500 million yuan of main business income in 2018, an increase of 270%, with strong development momentum.

  In addition, the successful factory operation has brought not only the profits of manufacturing, but also the reputations of technical management, which makes it feasible to output management.

  On February 25, 2019, in Binhu New District, Hefei City, Anhui Huguang Building Materials Company signed the contract on entrusted PC factory management with CMIG Drawin, which was the first management output order for CMIG Drawin.

  According to the agreement, Huguang Building Materials Company will refer to the mature management system and professional production technology from CMIG Drawin to release the capacity of PC factory, improve product quality and service capacity, reduce manufacturing costs and rapidly improve its own manufacturing capability in the PC factory, so that it can expand resources and form complementary advantages in the existing markets for good business performance and win-win cooperation with the CMIG Drawin.

  Design High-rise Buildings with Highest Prefabrication Rate

  Advanced technology has also promoted the design business to set new record in the industry.

  In 2018, the CMIG Drawin undertook the Evergrande Yujing Tianxia Project in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province with a total construction area of 327,000m2. According to the designs, the prefabricated components are adopted, including prefabricated exterior walls, prefabricated interior walls, prefabricated staircases, prefabricated air-conditioner boards, prefabricated balconies, prefabricated partitions, laminated floors, prefabricated caissons, laminated beams as well as prefabricated trimmings, so that the prefabrication rate has reached 80%. It has become the residential project of 100-meter shear wall structure system with the highest prefabrication rate. 

  This high prefabrication rate gets benefit from the iDrawin digital cloud platform independently developed by the CMIG Drawin.

  Based on intelligent technology, the iDrawin digital cloud platform realizes parametric modeling, intelligent reviewing, one-click drawing output, one-click calculation and one-click output of prefabrication design. By integrating the design, manufacturing and construction together as well as costs, construction period and other indicators, it greatly reduces the repetitive labor for the designers and engineers and improves the working efficiency and cost-effectiveness of engineering general contracting to the greatest extent.