An Open Letter Regarding the Replacement of Our Company Logo

Dear friends:

Thanks for your continued attention and support for China Minsheng Investment Group. It is your deep trust and strong support that makes it possible for CMIG to be founded, and developed in China and globally.

       As CMIG’s logo, has witnessed our development, and established a deep bond with you and numerous partners.
  In the future, to achieve better international development, we have updated our logo. Today, we are pleased to announce that starting from June 6, 2016, CMIG's logo will be replaced with: .

Since its establishment in August 2014, CMIG has actively carried out domestic and foreign investments with the mission of “leading the investments of private capital, and promoting economic restructuring and upgrading". As an open and diverse private investment group, we have developed a strategy of “industry-finance integration” and “development at home and abroad”, and designed the most reasonable financial holding platform and industrial investment portfolio. CMIG currently has assets of nearly 200 billion RMB and has invested in Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States and Europe. With these achievements and progress, we have felt a heavy responsibility and will reward the trust and expectations of our shareholders and partners with continuous improvement.

The new logo is more concise, modern and international while maintaining the steadiness and professionalism of the original logo. From a global perspective, we've optimized and changed the brand name to CMIG to emphasize on the integrity of CMIG, which is conducive to our wide recognition and operation across the world. The concise and powerful fonts deliver CMIG's determination, toughness and passion. The rectangle with the golden ratio offers a more harmonious and symmetrical visual effect, which represents our solid financial platform. The color of navy blue displays a wise, professional, honest and trustworthy corporate image.

Every little optimization expresses our solemn commitment to you. In the future, we will maintain the spirit of passion and hard work as entrepreneurs, and achieve most robust development through continuous management improvement and pioneering innovation. We will work with partners from various fields, and continue to create long-term value for you. Through our joint efforts, we will promote the healthy growth of China's private economy and lead private enterprises to achieve greater development worldwide.

CMIG, with a brand new appearance, will work with you to create a better tomorrow.