CMIG Deepens Cooperation with Hana Financial Group
CMIG International Signed Agreement of Strategic Cooperation with Hana Bank

In the afternoon of May 26, the National Development and Reform Commission visited Seoul in South Korea to hold the second “Sino-Korea Economic & Technological Exchange Meeting -- Third-Party Market Cooperation Forum”, at the Forum CMIG subsidiary CMIG International formally signed agreement of strategic cooperation with Hana Bank, a subsidiary of Hana Financial Group, aiming to deepen both sides’ in-depth cooperation in third-party market in the future. Liao Feng, CEO of CMIG  International, and Je Bong YOO, Vice Governor of Hana Bank, signed the agreement on behalf of each side.

At the end of 2014, CMIG signed agreement of strategic cooperation with Hana Financial Group at the group level, over the past one year both sides also carried out in-depth cooperation in all aspects, including sharing business opportunities, strengthening info exchange, together taking part in global investment projects and jointly discussing mutual investment opportunities and so on, together they contributed investment to set up CMIG International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd, focusing on “aviation, shipping, new energy, and information equipment” as core business units, vigorously developed key businesses such as helicopter and cold chain logistics; recently, both sides were discussing the intention of jointly expanding Internet financial investment, now CMIG International and Hana Bank under each group again signed agreement of strategic cooperation, in the hope of further propelling close cooperation between both groups.

As a globlized investment group, CMIG continues to converge power of capital, and construct globalized industrial platform. The positioning of CMIG International is to build overseas platform for cross-border investment financial service on behalf of CMIG, continually set up partner network worldwide and in regions across Asia, assist and support private enterprises in “Walk-out, take-in” to fulfill industrial upgrading and expansion of global market.

CEO of CMIG International Liao Feng said, CMIG and Hana Financial Group shared close relationship in the first place, this time CMIG International directly signed agreement of strategic cooperation with Hana Bank, so that communication at all levels will become more direct and more efficient, including developing or introducing potential customers in matching or relevant business fields for the two countries, jointly holding business seminars, and conducting joint survey activities; meanwhile, in the development of third-party markets, they will share business opportunities discovered by both sides’ in business fields in order to make joint investment, effectively combine mutual resources and experience, which will surely bring mutual benefit and win-win results.

Vice Governor of Hana Bank Je Bong YOO said, from CMIG’s early inception days till setup and development, Hana Financial Group remained the most loyal supporter. Today the signing of agreement of strategic cooperation symbolized “further consolidation of intimate relationship” between CMIG and Hana Financial Group, in the future, with CMIG International and Hana Bank as main body, both sides will exchange info on potential business cooperation and collaboration on irregular basis, including: market and industry, investment opportunities, economic and financial situations, prospects of target markets along with financial, legal and taxation regulations in China and South Korea. Meanwhile, both sides will explore chances of mutual visit in other forms at the level of senior executive and staff employee, so as to strengthen mutual understanding between CMIG International and Hana Bank, promote cooperation between both sides, and together join hands to march toward a new height.

Photo: CEO of CMIG International Liao Feng (third left) and Vice Governor of Hana Bank Je Bong YOO (fourth left) signed agreement of strategic cooperation at the 14th “Sino-Korea Economic & Technological Exchange Meeting -- Third-Party Market Cooperation Forum”.