Yang Xiaoping,Member of the National Committee of CPPCC and Vice Chairman of Chia Tai Group——CMI Launches its Global Advisory Council

This  topic  is  well-selected:  "Energy  Saving  and  Emission  Reduction  --  Common  Cause  of  the  World  and  New  Opportunities  of CMIG". I will offer my observations from the common  cause  of  the  world.  We  will  use  a  new word to eliminate discrimination and fear and  establish  a  new  enlightenment  thought.  For  instance,  if  there  is  no  fresh  water  and  when the price rockets to a certain point, sea  water desalination could replace fresh water. Discriminatory and terrified thought has  constrained our global  economic  developments at the moment. So, if we don't  eliminate such a concept and build a  nationalism and statism that breaks narrowed  meaning,  no  progress  will  be  made.  This  echoes  the  idea  put  forward  by  Chairman  Dhanin Chearavanont - benefiting the  country,  public,  enterprises,  investors  and  then  ourselves.  So  when  Chia  Tai  Group  operates  in  China,  the  Chinese  government  treats the Thailand-based group as a  Chinese  company.  The  central  government  approved the investment in CITIC this time. If  we don't establish the enlightenment thought, eliminate  the  idea  that  "the  Asian  people  should  be  poor",  and  only  fear  for  the  future  and  resource  fighting,  I  think  the  world  will  have  no  future  to  speak  of. 
The  second  topic  is  related  to  CMIG's  new  opportunities.  The  new  normal  is  much  of the talk in China. I think this involves new  opportunities. In the macro sense, there is a  downward pressure; when it comes to  micro economy, it means more  opportunities. So favorable climatic, geographical and human conditions  mentioned by Chairman Dhanin  Chearavanont are opportunities. In the  meantime, CMIG is constantly improving  efficiency.  CMIG  also  has  a  special  function  --  reduce  transaction  cost. 
The  third  topic  refers  to  energy  saving  and  emission  reduction.  This  is  not  just  an  issue  of  the  technical  department.  I  think  agricultural modernization is the largest area with  energy  saving  and  emission  reduction.  For  instance,  60-70%  of  fresh  water  is  used  in  agriculture,  while  industries  only  consume  20% and the remaining 10% is water for life. So  agriculture  plays  an  important  part  in  the  energy  saving  and  emission  reduction  of  water  resources.  We  hope  CMIG  will  not  only  focus  on  solar  energy  and  similar  technical  departments,  but  also  lay  an  emphasis  on  energy  saving  and  emission  reduction  in  specific field.