Stephen A. Orlins, President of National Committee on United States-China Relations——Three Major Competitive Advantages of CMI

I would like to discuss CMIG's competitive edge -- which of our advantages  is  unavailable  for  other  kinds  of  funds including private equity funds, and how should  we  capitalize  on  our  strong  points.  One  of  our  competitive  advantages  is  the  high  quality of the Advisory Council and the excellent  management.  Moreover,  this  is  an  absolute private enterprise. Some in the United States don't welcome Chinese investment  because  they  believe  it  is  state  investment  and  supported  by  the  Chinese  government.  We  are  privately  owned.  So  this  is  a  totally  different  case  and  another  competitive  advantage  of  us.  CMIG's  capital  could  play  its  role  and  the  Global  Advisory  Council  should  understand  these  private  shareholders and shareholding companies of CMIG. Maybe CMIG’s shareholders would like to introduce themselves at our next meeting.
Secondly,  when  reading  our  plan,  found  that  you  haven't  set  an  office  in  the  United States. I strongly hope and urge CMIG to  do  this.  CMIG  has  strong  capital  strength,  and under the leadership of the management and guidance of the Council, we could play a role in this area.
I often said that trade can be compared to a date to some degree: you may go home alone. Sometimes, you may not have a long-term  relationship.  But  investment  is  marriage  where  you  must  deal  with  your counterparts all the time. When CMIG promotes  investment  in  the  United  States  and the world, and more American 
companies  make  investment  in  China,  the  relationship  between  China  and  the  United  States, as well as other countries in the world will  be  entrenched.  So  when  I  was  here  for  the  first  time,  my  first  job  in  1979  was  to  come to China for American investors and for their interests. Those Chinese people I dealt with back in 1981 and 1982 became a constructive pillar of the US-China relationship.  I  hope  CMIG  could  make  better  investment  and  become  a  superior  pillar  of  the US-China relationship